What kind of hair growth results can I get from PRP treatment?

What kind of hair growth results can I get from PRP treatment?

PRP treatment is an effective approach for many persons, but is not for everyone. A Manhattan-based hair loss doctor such as Dr. Robin Unger offers PRP treatment to those in the New York community who suffer from hair loss or hair thinning. If you would like to explore a treatment option that can complement non-surgical as well as surgical hair treatments such as transplants, lifestyle and dietary improvements, and other approaches. During your initial exam with our doctor prior to beginning treatment, all of your options will be discussed. Depending on the root causes of your hair loss, your doctor will make treatment recommendations based on those factors. Additionally, not everyone is a candidate for PRP treatment, it’s important to undergo an exam and patient history with our doctor to manage your expectations for hair growth treatments.

Do I only need one PRP treatment?

The PRP treatment that you receive will require more than one visit to the clinic. To reach maximum potential for thicker and fuller hair, multiple sessions will be required. PRP treatment relies on the individual’s own product to encourage natural growth to induce healthier hair. For most patients, at least four PRP treatments are necessary before results will begin to be noticeable. One to four weeks between sessions is usually recommended. Total treatment time may last between nine and 12 months; your doctor will be able to provide a more accurate timeline based on your current head of hair and your body’s response rate to the initial treatments.

When will I first see improvement?

Some patients enjoy visible improvement of their hair after only a few PRP treatments. Others will require more sessions to see the positive changes they desire.

Once the changes occur, patients will experience less shedding of hair and overall hair loss. It’s normal for anyone to lose anywhere between 20 and 50 hairs a day and is considered typical hair shedding. However, the aim of PRP treatment is to reduce hair shedding to a more typical rate. Improvements will also include a healthier scalp such as less dandruff, fuller and thicker hair. Even those with the healthiest heads of hair will only see growth of about one-eighth of an inch per week. Therefore, patients who undergo PRP treatment should consider the long term benefits rather than what they may or may not experience in the short term.

Are there potential side effects with PRP treatment?

PRP treatment uses the patient’s own blood, rather than a donor’s blood or drugs. This means that patients are highly unlikely to experience any negative side effects from PRP treatment. On rare occasions, a patient has complained of feeling a mild headache a day after receiving treatment.

If you undergo pre-treatment with the use of a derma roller, and possibly during the PRP treatment itself, you might experience a nominal level of pain due to the pinpoint injections of the derma roller or the PRP treatment. You may also have minor pinpoint bleeding and experience a tightness of your scalp. These effects should only last for about a day.

To learn more about PRP treatment for those who suffer from thinning hair or hair loss, call our office today.