Auto Accidents: Things To Avoid

When we are in driving school, we are often taught about all the things we should do if an auto accident were to occur. But what about the things we really should avoid doing, that could hinder our ability to recover and get compensation? As an auto accident attorney from Ward & Ward Law Firm explains, by understanding the mistakes we could make before an accident happens, we can better respond to the situation at hand without compromising our best interests.

Do not argue with the other driver.
The moments after a car accident is not the time to debate over who is at fault. The worst thing you can do is get into an argument with the other driver and make statements that can work against you later. In the heat of the moment claims about blame may be had, but never accept blame even if you think you could be responsible. Until you have a lawyer investigate the contributing factors of the collision, you just don’t know for sure who is to blame. 

Do not fail to call 911.
Always call the police when an accident happens. The other driver may try to convince you to not call 911, but that is usually because they are hiding something. Maybe they don’t have insurance, are intoxicated, or are hoping to elude responsibility. If you don’t call the police, then an officer won’t be able to help you at the scene or write a report of what happened. This report can be used to support your side of the story, as it will include details and facts about how the accident occurred. You can get a copy of this police report in the days afterwards. 

Do not skip on getting medical attention.
If you don’t get medical attention promptly and then realize you have serious injury later, it can negatively affect your claim. Insurance companies may question why you didn’t get care sooner, and may use this angle to reduce or deny your claim entirely. Getting seen by a doctor the same day, or as close to that as possible, not only benefits your health because you got treatment right away, but can help show just how seriously you were injured from the accident. 

Do not forget that a lawyer can help.
Too many people forget that a lawyer can be incredibly useful as your auto accident is being handled. A lawyer is someone who understands what victims of personal injury accidents have a right to receive, and can advocate for their recovery. A lawyer can speak with insurance companies, negotiate for a fair amount in compensation, and watch out for your best interests at all times. 

Auto accidents can impact not just our immediate moment, but into the future. We may have to nurse our injuries, miss out on work, and struggle mentally from the trauma and stress. By understanding the ways we could be making our recovery more difficult, we can make better choices for ourselves if an auto accident presents itself.